Free SEO Audit Contest

Five winners every Monday!

one – Follow me on Twitter

two – Watch me tweet "Contest Open"

three – Be among the first 5 to DM me

four – WIN!


Details below:

seo-logoAs part of my philosophy of giving to people, of being of service, I’m supplying free SEO audits for Twitter & Facebook friends. On Monday of each week, sometime during the day, I’ll open up the ‘contest’ for friends to be among the first 5 to apply for an SEO audit.

The first 5 to reach me by DM after my post, will receive a password to the protected form so they can provide me the necessary info to complete the audit.

I provide this comprehensive SEO audit on a continuous basis on my website ( for an amazingly low price of just $47. But if you are among the first 5 to apply, then you’ll get the same comprehensive audit for FREE!

I’ve included a place for you to include your Twitter Name and Facebook address. While they aren’t required to receive your audit, I would love to be your friend and learn more about you. I’m sure that we would enjoy getting to know one another and benefit from the relationship.

So, watch for the “Free SEO Audit Contest” on Monday posted sometime during the day by @CarlChapmanSr.

I’m looking forward to working on your audit.


PS – the password protected signup form is here

PPS – remember to get to the form you have to DM me @CarlChapmanSr on Monday’s AFTER I open the contest.