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We work with clients of all sizes. Public and private companies. Small businesses. Even political campaigns. No project is too big to handle, no customer too small to be treated right. We provide:

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Search Engine Optimization

We provide complete SEO services for your website to increase your SERPs.


We use sophisticated tools to delve into and research the correct keywords to help drive organic traffic to your website.  In order to do that we have to go through a discovery process that involves understanding you, your business, and your customers. When the initial research is complete, we start weaving together the structure and content that can be found for our chosen keywords.


Website optimization involves not only creating the correct balance of keywords and keywords synonyms in the ratios to satisfy what we know the Google algorithms are looking for [called on page optimization.]  But we also have to optimize your site for mobile responsiveness and page speed in order to improve your quality score for Google's bots.   


Google pays more attention, and therefore ranks higher, websites that it believes are more authoritative.  It does this because Google's stated goal is to give the end user (the searcher) the answer that they are looking for.  Our process thoroughly builds out your off-site authority such the Google considers your website to be authoritative in your niche.


There is a saying that you get what you inspect.  In order to do a proper job of SEO and increasing your position on results pages, we must constantly inspect your results.  We use sophisticated software to measure your keyword rankings for multiple keyword phrases on major search engines.  We provide in-depth reports, with historical comparisons, on a regular basis.
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Lead Generation

We specialize in lead generation for local businesses in US markets.


If we build your website, we use conversion focused software that allows us the measure, track, and improve the performance of your lead generation efforts.  We use industry leading, innovative techniques to capture user attention, decrease 'form blindness', and reduce bounce.


We offer deep analytics to make the most of lead source data.  With proper tracking and lead source analytics tools, we can help your determine the best performing lead sources.  Having that knowledge in hand, you can adjust your spending to increase efficiency and bring more money to the bottom line.  Make the most of your lead sources can help you scale your business at an economical cost.


In the modern business environment, social media profiles are a must.  They allow almost instant communication with your tribe.  Not only are they vital for current customer support, but they can be a tremendous source of new leads.  Considering the ability of your customers to share their positive (or negative experiences) with their social network, smart business owners employ calculated strategies to make the most out of their current customers' connections.


Even if you don't have your own website, our team can build an powerful lead generation engine that will flood your business with new leads.  We are so accomplished at local lead generation, that we advise our clients to hire and train additional employees in order to handle the extra workload prior to launching a lead generation campaign.
Website Design

Website Design

We design super fast, responsive, modern and purpose-built websites.


Whether you have a style of website in mind or wish us to come up with one for you, we can do the job.  From scratch built to template based, to copy-cat of popular websites' interface, we can make you website everything you want it to be.  Simple, complex, beautifully breathtaking we've done them all.  your website will be something that you are enormously proud of.


In order to provide the highest quality service, we are backed by a team of some of the industry's best graphic designers.  If your business is brand new and doesn't have a logo , much less a color scheme, we've got you covered. If you business is well established with an out-dated look.  We've got you covered.  If your website is in need of a minor face-lift or a complete makeover, we've got you covered.


It is said that "Content is King."  What that means is that regardless of anything else you do on your website, if you don't have great content, better than your competitor, you won't win.  Might sound dramatic, but it is true.  In order to rank highly in search engine results, your content must be better than others, in the eyes of the Google algorithm.  

Part of our process is building a content strategy that will guide you through the tasks of creating new and improving old website content so that your chances of winning (ranking highly in major search engines) are increased.  Most other providers don't offer this, they just give you a built site with "Lorem Ipsum" place holders and call it a day.  We give you a guide to help you achieve your rankings objective.
Website Development

Website Development

Aside from beautiful websites, we build them rock-solid and secure.


Our hosting is cloud-based, some of the most sophisticated technology available today. Our websites are hosted on the same servers that host over 5,000,000 websites included millions of installations for US-based colleges and universities.

The websites are instance of a manged WordPress environment (WordPress runs more than 30% of the eCommerce sites in the world) that we have specifically configured for speed and security. We use premium plugins to provide the core services. Our clients' websites are tremendously secure.  We use content delivery networks, static page-cache, and lossless image compression.  All this to deliver the quickest page load experiences possible.


Third party integrations are often times necessary to add the capabilities required by your project objectives. Our team has tons of experience with integrations - everything from ESPs (email service providers) to CRMs (customer relationship management).  We've integrated eCommerce and membership platforms.  We've added sophisticated automated marketing campaigns with email autorepsonders.  We can confidently state that there isn't a need that you will have for your website that we can't accommodate.


If you are like most of our clients, you'd rather be working in and on your business rather than fiddling around with your website.  We understand that.  We have a program that takes care of everything that needs taking care of at a very affordable price.

We handle the all the tasks from the mundane to the highly technical.  Your web server is kept up-to-date with the most recent and secure hosting environment software.  Your WordPress environment is kept up-to-date, along with all the various plugins that power your website functions.

We do all this twenty four hours, seven days a week, for a price that come down to less than $.21/hour.  You can't beat that kind of service for that kind of price.



Thorough consultation with the client yields a clearly defined set of objectives.  Project success will be measured by how well we meet the client objectives.


We design your website and its components to work in synergy.  The design concepts are approved by the client prior to any build.


The project build takes place in a staging environment where the client can view the progress behind the scenes.  Once all building is done, we go "live" with the website.


No website will be perfect from day one.  However, we will quickly make changes as required.  We will also measure progress toward the project goal and make adjustments to increase website performance.



Collins Cleaning Company Website Design

This project was a top-to-bottom website design and implementation.  The company was a brand new start-up residential, commercial, and post construction cleaning  service company that serves several suburban cities in the northeast Atlanta area.  The site's objectives were to imbue trust, gather leads for new customers, and collect employment applications.
Website Design for laptop and mobile phone
Elswood - a world of art

Elswood.com Website Design

Elise is a nationally renowned graphics designer who does work for clients ranging from high-tech giants in Internet communications all the way down to mom & pop store owners.  Her works appears in national magazines and on TV.  After a couple of unsatisfactory engagements with other firms to redesign her established website, she reached out to us.  The project was completed quickly and Elise is thrilled with the result.  While we aren't contracted for maintenance or hosting, we still act as a resource if anything goes awry. 

Zappos Membership Website Integration

Zappos is a household name, for sure.  They reached out to us as a consulting group to integrate a membership portal for their customers.  Project objective was to build the membership site, then train their internal personnel to maintain and expand the site as their business needs grew.  Some of their security concerns required us to interact with vendors to implement new procedures for account management and inter-operation between different modules.  Project was completed on time and on budget.
Zappos Membership Site
Career Confidential & Infusionsoft

Career Confidential Website Design & Integration

Career Confidential serves the jobseeker and career coaching market.  The company's website has been our responsibility since 2010.  Since that time, it has gone through several iterations including a couple of total redesigns.  It is a very complex site that integrates CRM, eCommerce, and membership software to provide training and coaching materials for clients around the world.  The site consists of over 4000 pages and hosts over 100,00 visitors per month.

What Our Customers Say

Mandy Collins-Wilson, owner of Collins Cleaning Company
"Our website generates all the leads my company can handle. We don't even advertise, but our schedule is completely full. Carl takes care of everything having to do with the website. He's the best!"
Mandy Collins-Wilson
Collins Cleaning Company LLC
Elise Elswood, graphic designer and artist
"I create visual designs for websites as part of my business. Carl brought my vision to life for my own website. He is the best I've ever worked with at building websites. I recommend him to anyone who needs a website."
Elise Elswood
Peggy McKee CEO of Career Confidential
"Our website has generated millions of dollars in sales. The website is very complex, with CRM integration, membership integration, and eCommerce. Carl keeps it humming. We couldn't do it without him."
Peggy McKee
Career Confidential LLC

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Years of Experience


Independent Projects


Team Projects


  • Ranked my own website (as an executive recruiter) #1 world-wide for dozens of niche related keywords
  • Increased website traffic using SEO for one client by over 3,200%, more than tripling revenue
  • Built a lead generation network that increased client customer count by almost 400% in less than 6 months


  • BS - General Engineering
    United States Naval Academy
  • Post-graduate courses in Business Administration
  • Numerous self-study courses various Internet technologies, including HTML, PHP, and javascript
  • Certified Microsoft Solutions Provider


  • Eagle Scout
  • Order of the Arrow
  • MENSA member
  • Multi-year President's Club MRI
  • Multiple Executive Recruiter of the Month awards
  • Multiple Executive Recruiter of the Year awards

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