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There are a number of ways to get a new website for your business.  We think the best way, the one with the most flexibility now and for the future, the one with the most room for growth is to hire a professional webdesign firm and have them build your website.

There are a number of really popular alternatives to that, some of them very cheap.  However you've heard the old saying, you get what you pay for.  And that is pretty much true with the "site builder" platforms that promise you a super beautiful website.  They tell you how easy it is for you to use their 'tool' and create a 'professional looking' website in just minutes.

Bet your bottom dollar that most of the websites that are built on those platforms aren't so professional looking.  AND, the ones that are professional looking probably aren't so professional in terms of performance.

Top Site Builders

Below are some of the most popular site builder services for small business.
Wix Site Builder


Unstructured editor, tons of options, and over 500 themes.  Allows a lot of freedom to build what you want.


Structured editor about 70 templates.  Emphasis on design over  functionality.  Can make nice looking sites.

Mostly a hosting company with cheap pricing that allows for use of self-hosted websites using tools like WordPress and Drupal


If the company hosted version of the very popular WordPress software.  Various levels from free to expensive, depending on functionality.
We don't really recommend that a small business owner who is serious about being successful use one of the site builder platforms.  Unless you are satisfied with not much more than an electronic business card, a custom website is going to be your best bet.

With a custom built website your won't be restricted by template design, your site will be mobile responsive, SEO- optimized, and conversion focused.  Best of all, it will be no headaches for you because you chose a team of professionals to work with.
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