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Planning to sell stuff on your website?

You might want to take advantage of our expertise in eCommerce.  There is a lot to know about setting up your 'store' correctly and your 'products.' And it is very likely that hiring us to consult on your project will make things go much faster and much smoother.

One of the main considerations when choosing how you will sell your products and/or services online is whether or not you will host your 'store' on your own website.  Alternatively, you could host your 'store' on a third party platform.  Knowing the pros and cons of that choice alone could make the difference between being successful at selling online.

Another major consideration when adding eCommerce to your website is security of your customers' information.  When you decide to a a 'store' to your website you can be sure that hackers will take note.  Without the proper attention and precautions being taken with regard to security, you could be exposing your customers to the possibility of identity theft.  You could also be exposing yourself to financial ruin.

eCommerce Platforms

Below are some of the most popular eCommerce platforms for businesses of all sizes.
Shopify eCommerce Platform


SAAS web-based
One of the most popular third party hosted platforms.  Excels at physical product sales.
WooCommerce eCommerce WordPress Plugin


WordPress Plugin(s)
Free plugin for self-hosted eCommerce. Extremely effective, but can require add-ons that can be costly.
Bigcommerce ecommerce platform


SAAS web-based
Very similar to Shopify in terms of cost and features.  If you have more than two staff involved in the admin of the store, BigCommerce will be for you.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

SAAS web-based
Highly scalable platform.  Suitable for B2C with high margins.  The licensing model is based off revenue share, be cautious.
Also you should consider, if you are depending upon on the Internet to bring customers to your store, you'll need an SEO effort for the eCommerce site.  It is entirely different than getting your website to rank well in search engine results.  

On the other hand, if you are just providing your customers with a convenient way to order and purchase your products with your online store, then you don't need to concern yourself with search optimization.

What many business owners fail to think about when they decide to create an online store is that most of the buyers will be using their phone or a tablet to make their purchase.  That means that extra care must be taken when designing your eCommerce site so that it is mobile friendly.

Whatever your goals with eCommerce, our team can recommend the right solution and implement it on time and on budget.
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