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Our Vision

To bring increased prosperity to local business owners, their employees, and their community at large; city by city, across the USA.

Our Mission

We will help drive local businesses revenues by providing digital marketing efforts that produce leads, by providing highly efficient, low friction electronic interaction between customer and merchant, and by transferring high cost, less effective marketing spends to highly targeted, more productive Internet-based processes.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, fairness, charity, courage, loyalty, patriotism, sanctity of life, God above all.

Our Principles

We are honest and truthful in all our business practices, we do not lie.  We hold ourselves and our employees to standards of ethical behavior and to upholding our values in all we do.  We treat our customers, our vendors, and our employees fairly in all matters; no one wins if their is a loser in the transaction.  We donate a significant portion of our net profit to recognized local and national charities.  We will not shrink away from a situation from lack of courage; will stand alone if necessary.  We are loyal to those who have been or are currently part of our team, and loyal to those whom we've served or who have served us.  We support our Constitution, our military, our first responders, and the founding principles that have made us the greatest country in the history of civilization.  We believe that all life is sacred and a gift from God; we will not do business with those who hold the opposite view.  We believe in God, the Maker of all things, and that His Word and His Ways are superior.

Our Products

We strive to produce the highest quality, most fairly priced products that we can by using materials and labor right here in America.  We stand behind all our products and will do anything to make sure our customers are happy with their purchases.

Our Services

Our services are subscription-based with recurring charges billed by credit card.  Because they are recurring charges, they are a constant reminder to us, that you have placed your trust in us, to deliver what we promise.  In our on-going business relationship, we are here for you, round the clock.  We can only succeed when you succeed.
Carl Chapman
Carl Chapman - Founder & CEO
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Project Management Team at table
Project Management Team
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Billing Support Specialist on the phone with a customer
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