Celebration TimeIn celebration of the new section of our website, we are launching a contest called “The Great Website Giveaway.”

You can get all the details here.

You might be wondering about why we would be running an contest and what is the celebration all about.  Well let me go into a bit more detail about what we have done and why than I could on the contest page.

Dentist Office Desktop Responsive Website TemplateThe facts are that we’ve been building beautiful, device independent, mobile responsive websites for a pretty long time.  Our websites are stunning, and our clients rave about how wonderful they look and perform.  That said, a LOT of people are very visual and they have a need to look at a picture of something before they can get a good idea of what that ‘thing’ might look like.  So I’ve thought for a long time it would be great if I could have some visual ‘website templates’ or ‘examples’ that potential clients could look through to choose from or even to just get inspiration from.  My thought was that if they could see the kinds of sites that we can build, how amazingly gorgeous they are, then they wouldn’t mind ordering up a site, knowing the end result would be outstanding.

That’s where the current timeline of the health crisis in our country (and the world) crosses my work timeline.  Seems that the whole social distancing and ‘sheltering at home’ came about at a time that was helpful to give me enough time to take on the massive challenge of building out a large collection of example pages to give visitors a good idea of our capabilities.  So I starting getting up at 4 AM and pounding through my day, coding HTML template and page after page.  Enough so that I created 12 category pages to organize our various templates into sections that would match various styles of sites.

The categories vary in the number of templates they contain with Business & Services containing by far the most different examples of website templates.  We also cover Arts & Design, Community & Nonprofit, Education, Events, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Online Store, Simple, and Technology.

If you need a website for your business, we probably have a beautiful template ready to go for you that can be adapted to your branding and style.  What I would encourage you to do, is visit the contest page and sign up.   As they say, “you can’t win if you don’t play.”  And since it costs you nothing to entry the contest, it’s probably the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

Visit Contest Page

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