acer-whsNot sure how many people were paying attention to my tweets during the last 3/4 of the month of September, but if you were, you know that I had a catastrophic FAIL of my main work computer.  It happened on 9/8 (after Microsoft’s ‘Super Tuesday’ update) and totally blew out my Windows Vista OS.

Luckily, I have a backup computer that I was able to put to use so that I could still do work.  As a web developer, SEO expert, and Internet Marketer being down your main computer is not a good thing at all but at least I could limp along as get critical jobs done.

My main computer is almost all the way put back together (after TWO COMPLETE CLEAN INSTALLS of Windows Vista) but I still am putting software that is critical to my work [as well as my mental health] back on my computer.

I am bound and determined not to EVER suffer this kind of business interruption again.  One of the biggest cogs in the machine that I am building to prevent this kind of work interruption and headache is to implement Windows Home Server.  If you don’t know what it is, stick around, I’ll let you know what it is in spades.  Also one of my hopes is to put together a series of posts that will take you from box to up and running – protecting your entire network – in simple easy to follow terms.

I’m so happy — I can’t wait to dig in and get this thing set up. 🙂

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