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Written by Carl Chapman, published on September 3, 2009, in .  | Comments: 1 Comment

SEO building blocksI've decided that I'm going to start a series on search engine optimization.  In it I'll be giving step-by-step instruction on how you can use the same techniques and tricks to get your own websites to the top of major search engine result pages.

We'll go over a ton of topics in great detail.  I'll use video, other blogs, and written material all to give you the same basic set of skills that professional SEO specialists use to get their client sites ranked at the top.

Not sure how long I will keep this content free.  I'm thinking that I might turn it into premium content once it is finished.  It should be a fun project for me and should be very useful content for anyone that has a website or needs an online presence.

If you'd like to leave a question or comment about a specific topic in SEO that you'd like me to cover, just jot it down in the comment section.

One comment on “Do It Yourself SEO - Professional SEO Instruction”

  1. Hi Carl -

    Q - Search Term Optimized Domain - A domain that specifically "ties together" the brand name (or identity) of the product, service and/ or level of service, and region (if applicable), with the exact desire, need or obscure requirement of the search -

    Is this a big deal ?

    Will this be more or less relevant as time goes along ?

    And what about Search Term Branding - I am just beginning to see articles about this - if this is a "good" thing, is it possible that branding of online efforts may soon become as unpleasant of a chore as, lets say, a Vista OS that is hanging on by it's fingernails ?


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